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Things Diesel Engines Have That Gas Engines Don't

Things Diesel Engines Have That Gas Engines Don't

Diesel engines have often gotten a bad rap over the years, but they are, by no means, going out of style. Diesel engines are known for their superior performance, greater fuel economy and minimal maintenance. Here's what you need to know about what separates diesel engines from their gas-powered cousins. 


Diesel engines produce more power than gas engines do, which is why they are so popular for heavy-duty equipment and performance vehicles. In the combustion process, diesel engines create more torque, allowing the engine to deliver more rotational power to your tires when you need it most. This enables them to accelerate quickly, without pushing the engine to redline. 


In general, diesel engines require less maintenance over time than gas engines do. Of course, less maintenance means less cost for you, but it also means that your engine will keep running smoothly for a longer period of time if you care for it properly. Diesel engines have fewer replaceable parts, so you'll only need to keep up with general maintenance, like oil changes. 

Diesel engines produce more power than gas engines do, which is why they are so popular for heavy-duty equipment and performance vehicles.


While it is true that diesel engines produce more pollutants than gas engines, many modern varieties are equipped to minimize this issue. A substance called AdBlue can be added to modern diesel engines to break down nitrogen oxide, a harmful substance, into its counterparts: nitrogen and oxygen, both of which are relatively harmless. You'll need to change the AdBlue about every 5,000 miles or so, but it will keep your engine clean and running smoothly. 

More Availability 

In the past, diesel engines were typically reserved for vehicles like pickup trucks and semis. However, in more recent years, more and more automakers have been jumping on the diesel train, offering their passenger cars and other vehicles with diesel engines. If you want a particular style of vehicle with a diesel engine, chances are, you'll be able to find it. More vehicles with diesel engines also means more gas stations offering the fuel, making it easy to fill up your tank, no matter where you are. 

Learn More About Diesel Engines 

Here at Chillicothe Truck and Accessories, we are your diesel experts. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the difference between gas and diesel. We'll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each aspect to help you make an informed decision as to which fuel type makes the most sense for your needs. Of course, we hope you'll see the value in choosing a vehicle with a diesel engine. 

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